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Rita & Rita

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It all started whith an entangled tea bag…

Rita & Rita is a duo female company, dedicating their show Entangle to the tragic comedy behind our daily struggles. In their quest for the right amount of balance and sugar in their tea, the two ladies Rita & Rita play with the power of imagination and imperfection. In collaboration with the German-Catalano Minstry of Balance, the two women use their circus discipline;a trapeze and an ancient chinese mouthbalancing technique, to prepare for you the most suitbale and absurd tea party. Shamelessly, at moments painful, and ridiculous.

The project is being supported by the circus platform Circunstruction in Rotterdam and and through Zirkus On, a programm from the Initiative Neuer Zirkus, in Germany.

The Show

The entangled ladies Rita & Rita are organizing a tea party for the entire family.  Not only are the tea bags endlessly entangled, but the ladies find themselves constantly getting in each other way. Entangle is a restless and absurd attempt to create the perfect tea party and you are invited.Entangle is in creation to become a full length formattable show. The show is playble indoor, as well as outdoor venues. The Ritas bring their own selfstanding rig for outdoor festivals and events.

The Company

Annika and Julia met in 2015 during their studies in Codarts Circus Arts. Not only do they share the same passion for trapeze and mouth balance, but also the same interest in working with surreal images and illusions. The collaboration allows them to realize their artistic visions and goals on stage and to take part in the development of the contemporary circus field with their values and ideas.