b. 1986, HK.

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Circusstad Festival
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Villa Thalia

Corpus Acrobatics


Annika (25 years old), born in Berlin, started her circus career with vaulting. On the back of a horse, she learned to perform tricks and balance at an early age. She had no idea that her dreams would eventually take her up to the trapeze. Starting at the circus school DIE ETAGE in Berlin 2013, she will be graduating this summer with her Bachelor's degree from Codarts Circus Arts, Rotterdam. Specializing in dance trapeze and mouth balance, she has worked during her school years on various productions together with directors such as Lucho Smit and Nicanor de Elia.

Annika is working as a solo artist, co-director of the company Rita & Rita and Cie À. She is currently available for freelance projects and long term contracts.

CV and Technical Riders available upon request.